Associate Membership

American Reportage Associate Membership Program

American Reportage members have a steadfast commitment to giving back to the photojournalism community. We believe that extending our time and experience to mentor young, emerging documentary photojournalists will strengthen the profession and help sustain the integrity of photojournalism into the future.

For up to two years, American Reportage members will be at the disposal of visual journalists selected for the mentorship program. Members will provide guidance as associates develop their own visions for their careers.

Collective members will advise each associate, with a focus on a long-term project development and editing assistance. American Reportage will publish associates’ notes and images on its website as a record of progress.

American Reportage will promote the associates’ completed projects to publications.

American Reportage does not accept unsolicited Associate Membership Mentorship Program applications, but it does consider recommendation letters from well-established photojournalists or photography editors.

Current American Reportage Associate Members

Joel Angel Juárez

Based in Los Angeles, CA
Cell: 805.824.1414
Email Joel

Rebecca Noble

Based in Jackson, WY
Cell: 816.256.1185
Email Rebecca

Moriah Ratner

Based in Portland, OR
Cell: 571.426.3407
Email Moriah