Portrait of Santa Rosa

BY Adria Malcolm

Rural American towns fight to stay alive every day. Santa Rosa, a town of nearly 2,800, is hanging by threads as the community fights to resurrect the economy and the youth flee to discover the bigger cities in hopes for something more.

Health and Wellness

Nanny Goat

BY Adria Malcolm

In 2008, Nancy Hinz had recently finished rehab, the last of three attempts at becoming sober after years of alcohol abuse. After not even a year of sobriety, Nancy was suddenly forgetting appointments and losing her way around her hometown. She would pause to call one of her sisters for directions to their houses, which she had visited hundreds of times.


Drying Up

BY Adria Malcolm

As of June 5, 2013, New Mexico was considered to be in “extreme” drought conditions after a thirty-six month period of no precipitation. The widespread drought has forced ranchers to rethink whether one of the state’s biggest and most vibrant industries, cattle ranching, is still a viable profession for them and their families.