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Wounds of America

BY Joel Angel Juarez (Associate Member)

Over recent years, a spotlight has been placed on police departments in the San Francisco Bay Area following a series of fatal officer-involved shootings. The deaths of Alejandro Nieto, Amilcar Perez-Lopez, Mario Woods, Luis Góngora Pat and Jessica Williams are among several that prompted a wave of protests contributing to the eventual resignation of the San Francisco Police Department’s Police Chief Greg Suhr.


Oil and Water

BY Joel Angel Juarez (Associate Member)

Since early 2016, thousands of Native Americans have been fighting to prevent the pipeline’s completion. In the final days of Barack Obama’s presidency the White House put the construction on hold pending further assessments, and for a while the protesters believed they had won. Crowds celebrated with fireworks on the snow covered prairie of North Dakota, but everything changed with the arrival of President Donald Trump.