Border Baseball

BY Ryan Christopher Jones

The Tecolotes de Los Dos Laredos (The Owls of both Laredos) is a Mexican baseball team that plays home games in both Mexico and the U.S. Half of their home games are played in a primary stadium in Laredo, Texas, and the other half are played in a stadium about forty minutes away and in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

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New York City’s Opioid Crisis

BY Ryan Christopher Jones

Drug addiction is real; it is menacing and ugly. But if we fail to maintain the humanity of the people who share their stories with us, addiction coverage turns drug users into caricatures or props. When suffering is coupled with exploitation, those who are photographed are never allowed to live outside of the pain they’re in, because those photos turn a single behavior into an identity that exists in perpetuity.


Political Engagement

BY Ryan Christopher Jones

These are not just photos of politicians giving speeches and shaking hands; they are photos of what these people and places looked and felt like. American political theater is quite often a circus, and I instead wanted to show a quieter and more organic dissection of how the people interact with politics.