Proud Boys Rally in Portland, Oregon

Proud Boys Rally in Portland, Oregon

Photography by Stephanie Keith

The Proud Boys pulled into the Delta Park parking lot about two hours early for their noon rally with their cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Coors Light in the back of their pick up trucks. Dressed in matching outfits for their affiliate groups, black for Salt Lake City and camouflage for a local Portland group, they carried various weapons like baseball bats, paintball guns and automatic rifles.

This rally happened almost a month after their last organized gathering in downtown Portland in which Proud Boys shot paint balls from out of the back of trucks and one of their own, Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, was killed by a bullet to the chest by an alleged Antifa sympathizer.
Tensions were high and the Governor of Oregon declared a state of emergency just days before the rally.


According to the chairman of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio,, “its the people that want to commit violence towards people they don’t agree with, that’s called domestic terrorism and that’s what we are here to fight against.” The rally was mostly peaceful except for several instances when Proud Boys and their supporters harassed or ejected different reporters, some of whom were accused of being “Antifa.

Despite their violent past, Proud Boys seemed intent on creating an image of “Law and Order.” Proud Boys were again thrust into the spotlight during the first Presidential debate when U.S. President Donald Trump refused to denounce white supremacy and told the Proud Boys to “stand down and stand by.” Proud Boys celebrated this mention and considered it an endorsement of their group.


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