Via Crucis

Via Crucis

Photography by Nima Taradji

For almost 40 years the predominantly Latino neighborhood of Pilsen, located in Chicago’s Lower West Side, has held Via Crucis Viviente, or Living Way of the Cross, a re-enactment of Christ’s crucifixion during its Good Friday Celebration.

Thousands of people attend this re-enactment every year which attempts to re-enact the crucification of Jesus Christ.

The event in Chicago is but one of hundreds, if not thousands, of public reenactments of The Way of the Cross. Thousands of Catholics and other Christians across the country will participate in similar processions, depicting the dramatic events of Christianity’s most solemn day.

One of the largest processions held in the United States each year takes place in New York City, starting at the Brooklyn Bridge, with stops at City Hall and Ground Zero along the way. Last year nearly 3,000 people participated.

Pilsen’s Stations of the Cross procession, a beloved Good Friday tradition that attracts thousands to the neighborhood, has been canceled, along with others across the United States amid coronavirus concerns.

As the the Christian faith enters one of the holiest weeks in its calendar, parishes will be looking to using technology and social media to preach the Gospel.


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