Jason Gulley

Jason Gulley

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Jason Gulley is a photojournalist, writer and research geologist based in Tampa, Florida. Jason’s research and photography emphasize human impacts on the environment, climate change, caves and the underwater world. He has a PhD in geology from the University of Florida (2010) and is a technical diving and rebreather instructor. 

Jason first picked up a camera (a Pentax K1000) in high school and his first professional job was photographing and writing news and sports stories for his hometown community weekly newspaper, the Harrison Press, in the cornfields of southwest Ohio during the late 1990s.

Starting in 2020, Jason had an epiphany of sorts: scientists have never been more certain about the dire environmental and climate change problems facing humanity, but more people and politicians doubt those scientific findings than when he started university more than 25 years ago. 

Because more science seemed unlikely to change public perception, Jason decided to use combine his photojournalism background and scientific expertise to tell informed stories about our planet. 

Jason’s research and photography career have taken him on expeditions from underwater caves in Florida, the Caribbean and Africa as well as to glaciers in Alaska, the Arctic and the Mt Everest region of Nepal. His work has been published by National Geographic, GEO, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and WIRED.

When not on expeditions, Jason teaches courses in geology and scientific diving at the University of South Florida and spends time with his girlfriend, Pati, and their rescue dogs, Peacock and Olsen.

Fellow science nerds can find his research publications on his Google Scholar page