American Reportage is a collective of visual journalists specializing in comprehensive storytelling of the American experience.

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Outreach and Collaboration

America Storytelling Grant

American Reportage will offer an annual grant to further a documentary project by a visual journalism student or recent graduate that focuses on issues facing the people of the United States.

The America Storytelling Grant will be announced soon.

Group Projects

Because of the racial, ethnic and political diversity of the United States, different regions of the country sometimes reflect diametrically opposed ideas about the issues that face its population.

Due to the geographic diversity of its members, American Reportage is uniquely positioned to tackle large-scale projects across the United States that can document these differences and better illustrate the overall story.

American Reportage is a one-stop shop for publications or organizations requiring images or video from different regions of the country relating to a single theme.



Education Outreach

American Reportage takes an active role in building awareness to the issues we report on first-hand as journalists.

Our members are available for presentations and lectures on topics we cover in the field. If your organization or school is interested in having one of our journalists as a guest speaker, please contact them directly.

Please consider supporting our outreach efforts. 



American Reportage members have a steadfast commitment to giving back to the photojournalism community. We believe that extending our time and experience to mentor young, emerging documentary photojournalists will strengthen the profession and help sustain the integrity of photojournalism into the future.

For up to two years, American Reportage members will be at the disposal of visual journalists selected for the mentorship program. Members will provide guidance as associates develop their own visions for their careers.

Collective members will advise each associate, with a focus on a long-term project development and editing assistance. American Reportage will publish associates’ notes and images on its website as a record of progress.

American Reportage will promote the associates’ completed projects to publications.