What is American Reportage?

What is American Reportage?

American Reportage is a group of documentary photojournalists with an interest in producing in-depth or long-term photographic projects that document the fabric of American life and culture. Coverage scope includes daily life in America, social issues, environmental issues, political discourse and more.

American Reportage understands the power and importance in documenting the complex issues that exist in the United States with the aim of eliciting nuanced conversations about who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re headed. We aim to explore the beauty and tragedy that defines us as a nation. 

In order to market these documentary projects more efficiently, select photojournalists have joined forces to collaborate in their development, marketing and delivery, under a single brand.

Dedicated to storytelling that is important and critical to the country, American Reportage Members pursue personal projects and produce in-depth stories that amplify the voices of people and communities that may otherwise go unheard.

As independent photojournalists, Members are committed to doing the groundwork leading to accurate, balanced, rich, thoughtful, and engaging reportage. They embed themselves into stories to understand and convey the intricacies of complex issues.


Collaborating together and with publications that value this kind of work, American Reportage Members deliver reporting that accurately captures the mood and fabric of the American experience and brings it to the forefront of the public’s consciousness.

American Reportage provides a home and support structure for independent photojournalists who desire to work on important stories but have no publication backing them. Through American Reportage’s network of publications, editors and picture buyers, we look for opportunities to have these stories published and seen.

While the Members of American Reportage remain independent photojournalists, joining together as a group has many benefits. These include the sharing of promotional costs, creative support, critiques and editing of each other’s work, the sharing of business advice and the ability to pursue joint projects.

This communal conscience may be the greatest benefit of the group. Individual Members have unique abilities and expertise that act as a resource to other Members.